Dr Timothy Law

Business Management Specialist


Chief Learning, Training & Development Strategist
Chief Learning Officer and Master Learning Facilitator in HRD

Dr. Timothy Law, driven by his personal motto “impact lives through coaching & training“, is fuelled by a passion to inspire others. In his role as an Organisational Learning and Development Strategist, he constantly seeks to transform the way corporations as well as individuals think in order to help them reach their fullest potential.

Graduated with a Diploma in Management from the Malaysian Institute of Management in 1999, he went on to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and subsequently an MBA, specializing in Organization Behaviour from the University of Newcastle, Australia. The combination of his academic background and vast corporate experience made him a sought after facilitator in various aspects of training.

Life, Work and Corporate Experiences combined with dynamic tools and practical applications, Dr. Timothy believe will contribute and alleviate even higher and further enhance  organisations and  its dynamic team of people utilising his knowledge, skills and positive paradigm contributing to both organisation(s) that he serves as a brand consultant and  as a facilitator, trainer in various capacity.

Dr. Timothy has been a Chief Learning, Training & Development Strategist, Chief Learning Officer and Master Learning Facilitator in HRD with over 25 years of experience in the Training and Development industry and managing businesses.

Among his extensive work experience throughout the years include:

  • Chief Learning, Training and Development Strategist, Chief Learning Officer and Master Trainer, Assessor for few reputable Human Resource Management and Solutions companies in the Malaysian Training and Development Industry, functioning, managing and networking effectively with a Panel of Qualified Licensed Learning Facilitators and Certified Trainers.
  • Insp. In the Police Volunteer Reserve, Royal Malaysia Police (SPDRM)
  • Current Lead Facilitator & Assessor forHuman Resources Development Fund( PSMB) , executing TTT-CIT Certification throughout the country sent by PSMB.
  • Approved Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Consultant by PSMB to conduct TNA for PSMB, SME sectors. Most recent company is Innovar Sdn.Bhd.(2009), Sun Teck Logistics Sdn.Bhd.(2010) and SWIFT ENERGY Sdn.Bhd. (2011)
  • General Manager and Director of Human Resource, of THE BRANDLAUREATE, Asia Pacific Brands Foundation, developing, structuring and implementing Performance Management Standards, Processes and Structures for the entity from 2009 to 2011.
  • Performance Management Consultancy and Implementation (External) Team for Telekom Malaysia in 2008 and Celcom in 2009. As a Lead Assessor and Facilitator over these years, it has open doors to various Performance and Organisation Strategic Alignment Exercise and Projects for both MNCs and Local GLCs via consultancy and training platforms.
  • Panel  of Brand Performance & Brand Culture Consultant for THE BRANDLAUREATE, Asia Pacific Brands Foundation since 2006, executing and implementing Brand Culture Transformation Projects for the Awardees of The Brandlaureate Awards
  • Designing, Executing & Facilitating for Tanjong Management Services Sdn.Bhd. on Excellent Work Culture
  • Designing, Executing & Facilitating for EXXONMOBIL (M) on Leadership & Team Safety Culture Re-Affirmation


Dr. Timothy has extensive experience in the service and marketing line as his expertise include Sales and Performance Management, Human Resources and Business Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategic Implementation Skills and Professional Workforce Development.His training programs cater for multiple and different levels of management in both multinational companies and business set-ups of diverse nature. An innovative learning strategist that incorporate different dimensions of knowledge, skills and business acumen to drive personal and organization results.

Others (awards, publications, membership, case studies on Blue Ocean Strategy):

  • 2004 Guildhall Best Trainer Of The Year
  • Articles appearing in bi-monthly- The Brandlaureate Business Review Magazine since December 2010
  • Member of The Australian Business Chamber of Commerce, NSW

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