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Dear valued customers,

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 has been enforced since 15 November 2013. Therefore, the Privacy Notice which can be found at that you can run through in order to understand the process flow on how we process/protect your personal data.


QUANTUM LEAP TECHNOLOGY PLT (“QLT Plt”, “we” or “us” or “our”) is required to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Act”), which regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. For the purpose of this Personal Data Notice, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning as prescribed in the Act.

This Personal Data Notice applies to any person whose personal data is processed by QLT Plt or on behalf of QLT Plt.

1. This Personal Data Notice serves to inform you how your personal data is being processed by QLT Plt.

2. The personal data processed by us may include your name, designation, company’s name, contact details, email address and any other personal data required for the purposes set out in paragraph 3 below.

3. QLT Plt may use your personal data for the following purposes (collectively referred to as the “Purposes”):

(a) to process your registration form for training events (including conferences) organized by QLT Plt and collaborative partner(s) and for administrative purposes such as attendance list, issuance of invoice, official receipt and certificate of attendance;

(b) to communicate with you on the confirmation of the training events and matters in connection to the QLT Plt training events/conference;

(c) to notify you of any changes to our training events which may affect you;

(d) to mail the official receipt and certificate of attendance;

(e) to respond to your enquiries or complaints; and

(f) such other administrative purposes which relate to the above.

4. Your personal data is collected from various sources, including information you have provided us, information from third parties and information in the public domain.

5. You may access and request for correction of your personal data. Please contact us as follows if you have any enquiries or complaints in respect of your personal data:

Designated Contact Person: Chief Marketing Officer

Mailing address: A-6-2, Block A, Ativo Plaza, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
Telephone No: +6013-2194922

E-mail address:

In accordance with the Act:

a) We may charge a fee up to RM10.00 (for personal data) and RM30.00 (for sensitive personal data) for processing your request for access to your personal data; and

b) We may refuse to comply with your request for access to or correction of your personal data.

6. Your personal data may be disclosed:

i) to our vendor (in terms of email address) for the purpose of email blasts on behalf of QLT Plt – applicable to QLT Plt participants, members, clients and affiliates only;

ii) where such disclosure is required or authorised by law or by the order of a Court.

7. QLT Plt shall retain your personal data from the date of collection for as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the Purposes or for compliance with the law or legal obligations by QLT Plt. QLT Plt shall stop processing your personal data when you write to QLT Plt using the contact details in paragraph 5 above to withdraw your consent.

8. Unless otherwise specified by us at the time the personal data is collected, it is obligatory that you supply us the personal data requested for by us. Failure to supply us with your personal data may render us unable to carry out the Purposes.

9. You undertake and warrant to QLT Plt that your personal data is accurate, complete, not misleading and up-to-date. The onus is on you to update QLT Plt if your personal data has changed.

10. QLT Plt reserves the right to update and amend this Personal Data Notice from time to time. QLT Plt will notify you of any changes via announcement on

QLT Plt’s website or through other reasonable means of providing notice as QLT Plt may deem appropriate. Any changes to this Personal Data Notice will be effective immediately upon notice to you.

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